Key player in the construction sector, Silent Way brings you customized materials and helps you integrate acoustical solutions for your specific needs.

All our products can be cutted to size and include one or two adhesivable surfaces in order to facilitate the integration in your  final product.



Silent Way : tailor-made acoustical solutions for construction and industry sector

Silent Way : tailor-made acoustic solutions

Sound insulation solutions

   vibration damping
  All our soundproofing solutions are destined to                   reduce noise impact   
      increase sound absorption

Stickson viscoelastic heavy mass 

Stickson+ synthetic high-density polymer-based

Solutions to  reduce vibrations and gain mass for a wide field of application in industry and construction sector

Assembling absorbent foams with heavy masses for a better soundproofing product

The adequat materials to treat the noise in the main sectors


Melamine foam

Polyurethane foam

Polyester fibers

Open-cell foams with excellent acoustical sound absorption properties and noise reduction for many applications

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