Acoustic complexes are multi-material assemblies that respond to specific needs for building and industrial applications.

The main advantage of the acoustic complexes is to combine in one single product multiple solutions. We create for you unique acoustic pieces with heavy mass and abseorbent foams with the characterics of absorption, sinulation and vibration damping.

The viscoelastic bitumen permits increasing mass and within its composition it decreases the vibratory radiation, and the absorbent foam reduces the amplification effect in industrial use.


The combination of these two effects increases the index of weakening of the support. The different thicknesses of the absorbent foams allows the complexes to be integrated into various applications while guaranteeing high soundproofing complexe.

Acoustic complexe

Acoustic complexe

Acoustic complexe

Acoustic complexe

Acoustic complexe

Acoustic complexe

Combine in one product characteristics of soundproofing, absorbant and vibratory damping 


Ready -to-use products with a kit solution


Complexes that adapt to your constraints and repond  to specific acoustic performances

The advantages of acoustic complexes

HEAVY MASSES Acoustic complexes

We create complexes that adapt your constraints and respond to the required acoustic performances.

Our expertise is to offer you the customized acoustic solutions. The complexes are composed of a viscoelastic bitumen (Stickon / Stickson+ ) and absorbent foams (Sopramine B / Sopramine G +).


 The complexes are ready to use with the possibility of adhesive one or tow layer.

Discover all our heavy mass products for acoustics products with or without bitumen, easy to cut and to integrate

Stickson / Stickson + /

Acoustical complexes


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