Carpentry is the weak point of acoustics on the facade of a building. The use of acoustic complexes permits to increase sound performances of the joineries elements.

Silent Way soundproofing solutions improves sound performances in a minimum of space such as the roller shutter casing.


All the proposed products for the industrial use are presented under the following forms:

  • Assembled to complexes with a coating cover for a better protection against external aggressions (oil, water or dust ...)

  • Adhesivable on underside layer so as to facilitate its application (with an acrylic adhesive)

  • Specific products cutted to size

Roller shutter casing

In order to handle exterior noise, the roller shutter casing must be insulated to ensure an interior good living environment. Silent Way designs, manufactures and cuts out complete customised kits ready to fit your specific box.

Heavy masses provide insulation and sound absorption in a minimum of space on lightweight materials such as PVC.


Industrial doors

Doors are subject to specific requirements in terms of acoustics. Silent Way's acoustic products meets regulatory requirements for noise reduction.

Silent Way cuts to size customised adhesive kits for the acoustic insulation of industrial and specific doors.

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