Drywall partition

Silent Way offers sound insulation solutions for drywall and partition.

We offer customized products so you save time and integrate our solutions directly to your manufacturing process. The Stickson/Stickson+ products provide the gain of mass for the facing cladding.

The viscoelasticity of the product modifies the mechanical  behaviour  of the supported structure and improves the acoustical quality of the partitions.



The Stickson range products contributes the lightweight drywall partition  to gain mass.

Due to the inherent properties of the bitumen membrane and the viscoelastic structure, the Stickson amortize the vibrations when combined with rigid supports.

Stickson +

Asphalt-free products, the Stickson+ are high-density materials synthetic soundproofing membranes.

This range of acoustic products allow the vibrations amortizing and mass increase for lightweight drywall partition. In form of rolls or sheets of different thicknesses, the products are cutted to size and can support self-adhesive on one or two sides.

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