Noise treatment is an important issue in the  industrial sector as it concerns soundproofing for machines, vibratory for steelplates applications and sound insulation for drainage pipes or ventilation concerns.

The solutions that we develop allow to dissociate from the structure and to dampen the vibrations in the indutrial elements.

For the industrial sector, Silent Way offers solutions for:

  • To film the complexes with a coating for a better protection against the external aggressions (projections of oils or water, dust ...)

  • Adhesive on the underside to facilitate application (acrylic adhesive).

  • Deliver pre-cut to siez or adhesivable products

Acoustic enclosure system

In the industrial sector, noise issues are problematic concerns in term inconfort or mechanical wear for technical pieces.


Silent Way conceives acoustical system for soundproofing, amortize or absorbe vibrations in the domain of acoustical noise enclosures and industrial applications.

Vibratory treatment

Silent Way offers solutions to treat acoustics in specific technical applications.

The range of Silent Way acoustical complexes is used for noise systems in the manufactured sector. The combination of heavy masses and absorbant foams is the answer for the decoupling and the dissociation the noise source from the structure.

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