The interior layout allows an efficient structure of the working spaces and a better comfort of living. The office dividers, wall panels or decorative objects absorb airborne noise and reduce reverberations.


Silent Way offers customized products for high-quality living spaces by integrating foams in your interior layout such as partitions, wall panels, decorative objects ...


Office dividers

Acoustical partitions, office dividers or sound isolators allow an easy and efficient organisation of offices and open-spaces.

A good sound insulation guarantees high-quality living, confortable and confidential co-working for open spaces.

Mural panels

There are multiples acoustical products : ceiling panels, mural panels or objects improve the confort and create design and modern spaces.

Adjustable in various shapes and forms, acoustical foams are fast and easy to install and fire resistant products.

Operable partition

Operable walls offer a completely modular separation and the liberty of interior fitting spaces with different use.

The panels are suspended by two axes supported by rail and guarantee the sound insulation of the modified spaces such as convention centers, concert halls...

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