Soprafoam Agglo A is a porous material composed of various recycled polyurethane foams (polyether and polyester-based).

Soprafoam agglo sheets

Soprafoam agglo sheets

Soprafoam agglo sheets

Soprafoam agglo sheets

The advantages of Soprafoam Agglo A

Easy to cut and to integrate

Customized product following your specific dimensions

Self-adhesive or covered with a protective film

Product from recycling

ABSORBENT FOAM Soprafoam Agglo A

Soprafoam Agglo A is a composed material made out of several flexible foams (polyethers and polyesters).

The product with an heterogeneous color is available according to different densities and thicknesses, depending on your dimensions and acoustic performance.

The Soprafoam Agglo A significantly reduces reverberations and increases the sound reduction index of your products.

Acoustic foams have exceptionnal acoustic properties with good:

Sound absorption properties

Reduction of reverberation time : the vibrations are stopped inside the material