Soprafoam PU is an open-cell polyurethane foam used for sound absorption in machine casing or for specialized industries

Sheets Soprafoam PU

Sheets Soprafoam PU

Soprafoam PU

Soprafoam PU

The advantages of the Soprafoam PU

Easy to cut and to integrate

Customized product following your specific dimensions

Self-adhesive or covered with a protective film


Polyurethane foam is an good soundproofing solution used in the acoustic absorption in industrial use.

Easily cut-to-size, the foam adapts to your product or can integrate manufacturing process.

Our expertize allows you to create sheets of multiple thicknesses and dimensions according to your needs. the product can easily comport on surface adhesives or protective films or can be mixed with other materials.


The wide range of applications and application possibilities of these foams allows you to treat acoustics in many industries.

Acoustic foams have exceptionnal acoustic properties with good:

Sound absorption properties

Reduction of reverberation time : the vibrations are stopped inside the material