Sopramine B is a white, open-cell foam made of melamine foam, with exceptional sound absorption qualities.

The advantages of the Sopramine B

Easy to cut and to integrate

Resistant to fire and chemical agents

Customized product following your specific dimensions

Self-adhesive or covered with a protective film



Acoustic foams have exceptionnal acoustic properties with good:

Sound absorption properties

Reduction of reverberation time : the vibrations are stopped inside the material

Acoustic reference solution in the range of absorbent foams, Sopramine B has applications in both the building and industrial sectors.

Easily cut-to-size, the foam integrates and adapts to your product or is integrated in your manufacturing process.

Our expertise is to provide customized acoustic solutions with surface acrylic adhesives, with specific filming or combined with other materials.


With the Sopramine you combine acoustic properties, fire resistance and thermal properties with a certified labelled material.

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