Sopravib are soundproofing anchors used to prevent the transmission of vibrations for suspended ceilings.

Sopravib anchor

Sopravib anchor

Sopravib anchor

Sopravib anchor

Sopravib anchor

Sopravib anchor

The advantages of Sopravib

Fast and easy to install

Good sound performances compared to traditionnel fixingsystems


Sopravib antivibration anchors have an important role in a efficient acoustic treatment. The wide range of sound insulators and their proposed accessories ensures a perfect fixation and good solutions to all the acoustical issues in a building.


Sopravib anchors replace conventional mechanical anchors and prevents the transmission of these vibrations through sound impacts to the structure above : 

  • Sound absorption for ceilings, suspended ceilings, structures of concrete, full-surface wooden structure, gypsum-ceiling

  • Decoupling technical facilities : air-conditioning systems, boilers…

  • Damping vibrations of ventilation ducts or conveying particles (wood chips, pellets, metal parts) ...

Impact sounds propagates through solids and results a shock, then it transfers the vibrations towards other solid structure, creating a discomfort for the occupants.

Sopravib anchors have the following properties:

  • ​Strength : composed of galvanized steel, optimal acoustical load of 30 kg (66 lb) 

  • Résistance at a constant temperature of  (80°C / 176°F) and good et good aging in time

  • Conform the acoustic standards DIN 4109/ European ETA-04/0026/ North-American ULC R19921