The Stickson is composed of viscoelastic bitumen membrane used for vibration damping and reinforcement of transmission loss.

The bitumen has three main properties in acoustics :


Increase mass by improving sound insulation of a partition from sound waves



Vibration damping by dissipation of mechanical energy in the form of heat through internal friction between the molecules which form the viscoelastic substance.


Increase in the sound attenuation index at the critical frequency of the material to which it is affixed.

The advantages of Stickson

Reinforcement of transmission loss
Cut-to-size bitumen sheets
Self-adhesive or covered with a protective layer

Economic product

HEAVY MASS  Stickson

Acoustic solution in the heavy masses range, Stickson has applications in the building and manufactured sectors.


In the form of rolls or sheets with a thickness between 2.5 and 6 mm (3/32 and 15/64 inch) and following the required basis weight (3,5,8 and 10 kg/m²); (71, 119, 190, 237 lb/ sq. ft.),  the Stickson is easily cut to size depending on your dimensions.


The Stickson has one or two self-adhesive faces to facilitate its implementation.

By applying Stickson you

increase the insulation performance


reduce component wear, like crack formation or gain of mechanical float in systems

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